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Specializing in Relationships, Communication & Connection

Hi, I'm Courtney.  I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in relationship issues, self-esteem and communication.  I'm about helping you discover your true self so you are more confident and self-assured so you're able to thrive in relationships with everyone around you. 

In session, we'll learn how past behaviors, traumas, and relationships influence your current situation.  We'll increase your insight into your own personality and how it aligns (or doesn't) with your partners.  We'll dive deep into your own expectations of others, and how it influences your choices.  We'll increase your communication skills, specifically focusing on being more open and assertive.  We'll make sure your relationships with family, friends, and partners are equal by decreasing your people-pleasing tendencies and increasing boundaries.  

I love working with under-served populations, including those identifying as LGBTQ or questioning their sexuality, individuals who are in ENM or poly relationships, and neurodivergent folks.

I also adore working with fellow therapists and mental health workers who are looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and widen their support network.  

Therapy might benefit you if you are experiencing:

  • Difficulty deciding whether or not to stay or leave a relationship

  • Communication barriers, including lack of transparency and trust 

  • Difficulty being open and vulnerable with others

  • A recent breakup that has left you feeling lost or empty

  • Low self-esteem and negative self-talk

  • Frequent feelings of guilt

  • Pressure to engage in people-pleasing tendencies

  • Tumultuous relationships patterns and history

  • Un-balanced relationships where you are giving more or less than the other 

  • Feeling isolated and alone, despite being in a relationship

  • You feel unmotivated to meet new people, which leads to having few real relationships

  • You feel you often drive people away unintentionally

  • Anxiety around meeting new people or even old friends for outings that feel more stressful than fun

  • General apathy and lack of excitement for the future 

  • A pattern of over-thinking that leads to spiraling and anxiety attacks

  • Self-sabotaging behaviors 

Holding Hands

"Courtney has been an amazing asset to my ongoing mental health!  She has helped me navigate two immediate family deaths, work stress and anxiety topped with the inability to take a vacation leaving work behind, the bumps of middle age work and life balance as well as life in general and the turbulent state of the world.  I would strongly encourage anyone to get a mental oil change with her and continue to do so."

-J.R. (current client)


Navigating life after a recent conflict or breakup or for anyone trying to decide whether or not to leave a relationship.


For those questioning their sexuality or exploring consensual non-monogamy/poly relationships


For those who are feeling the pressure to have it all, now.  When you can't sit down and "smell the roses" because you're focused on "making it" in your career, finding a partner that you're crazy about, and maybe trying to have kids before "it's too late."

MN Transplants

For anyone who has recently moved to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and are having difficulty navigating this "Minnesota Nice" culture.


Revitalize takes pride in catering to each individual and couples specific needs.  During the first Intake Sessions, a personalized treatment plan with individualized goals will be created as a cohesive team between client(s) and therapist.  These can be updated and changed at any time throughout treatment. 

Common Diagnoses at Revitalize

Relationship Distress

You're finding communication difficult or impossible.  You often avoid your partner instead of even trying.  You love your partner, but need it to improve.  


You are feeling stuck, unmotivated, and are finding yourself more fatigued than usual.  You aren't excited about activities that you used to be enthusiastic about.

Social Anxiety/Phobia

You find yourself avoiding social situations because the thought of going out is too great to bear.

Vocational Stress

Your job is driving you crazy.  You often feel the need to work after hours to make sure all your work is complete.   Your boss is the worst and you can't talk to them about your workload.

Generalized Anxiety

You might describe yourself as "type A" and a "perfectionist".  You are afraid of failure so you try to control every aspect of your life. 

Adjustment Disorder

You recently moved to the area and are having difficulty fitting in.  You just broke up with a partner and are adjusting to the single life.  You recently had a child and it's not exactly how you imagined it to be...


What We're Talking About

Current Discussions In The Therapy Room

  •  It's Minnesota, we have to touch on the weather since it's constantly changing.

  • Relationships: Commitment issues, Timelines, deciding whether or not to get married and/or have kids

  • Careers: "I've been focused on my career for so long, now I fear I'm missing out on other things"

  • "Woke" and "Cancel Culture"  

  • Social Media and its impacts

  • Politics: Differing views from family and friends

Chatting Over Coffee
Outdoor Meeting


Revitalize Wellness Therapy is currently only offering virtual sessions for new clients. 

Benefits Of Telehealth Appointments

  • Flexibility!  It's much easier to fit in therapy when you don't have to travel to an office for sessions.

  • Reduced Anxiety.  There's no traffic or rushing to get to your appointment after work.  There's no difficulty finding parking or waiting for your session in a waiting area beforehand.

  • Increased comfort.  You can attend sessions at times that work the best for you, and in your own space.  You are able to wear comfy clothes that you wouldn't necessarily wear in public.  Awesome!

  • Pets are welcome!  If you have pets, they are welcome to join your session and provide comfort as usual. 

  • Consistency. Because virtual sessions are more convenient and able to fit into your workday, you are able to attend therapy more frequently and consistently, which leads to better progress and goal outcomes.

  • Germ free appointments.  You are less likely to come into contact with anyone who has been exposed to Covid 19, as well as the flu and all of the other stuff that's constantly going around.  


Revitalize is proud to be

LGBTQ Flags Center

LGBTQIA+ Affirming & Friendly 

All are welcome here!

Underwear on Bed

Sex Positive

Revitalize welcomes those from the kink, poly, and ENM communities.


Psychedelic Informed

Revitalize is knowledgeable about psychedelic assisted therapies, and is able to assist with Integration following ketamine treatments.

Working Cafe


18202 Minnetonka Boulevard #1007

Wayzata, MN 55391

PHONE: 507-421-0180

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