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Individual Intake Sessions: $150
Individual Follow-Up Sessions: $125

Couples Intake Session: $175

Couples Follow-Up Sessions: $150


Raising the Bar

Revitalize is private-pay only, insurance is not accepted as a form of payment.  Claims can be submitted to your Health Savings Account for reimbursement.   Overall, there are many benefits of not dealing with insurance!  Read on to find out more.

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Private Pay offers more confidentiality than using insurance.  When using insurance, your information will go through your insurance provider and clinical software.  When using private pay, the only person who will have access to your file is your clinician.

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When using insurance to pay for sessions, your clinician has to give you a diagnosis that will be a part of your permanent health record.  This has the possibly of affecting background checks, job possibilities and insurance quotes, just to name a few.  Although we will discuss diagnoses in session, these records will not be available or seen by anyone besides your clinician and yourself.

Dollar Bills


Private Pay is actually more affordable for individuals and/or families with high insurance deductibles.  If you use insurance, the clinic will charge you full price (usually $175-$250) per session until your deductible is met, which for some can be upwards of $5,000+.  Even if you meet your deductible halfway through the year, session rates usually average out to be slightly more affordable or the same price as using insurance and paying deductibles and co-pays.  

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Private pay at Revitalize ensures that 100% of payments go directly to your therapist.  Most practices that accept insurance only give their sub-contractors 50-60% of their earnings (before taxes).  The rest goes to insurance, EHR (electronic health records) software, office space, supplies, and marketing. What this means is that therapists end up seeing 25+ clients per week to keep a steady income as well as completing significantly more paperwork to meet insurance requirements.  This often leads to burnout.  With private pay, therapists are able to see fewer clients per week, which ensures a high quality of care, time and effort available for each client.

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Insurance companies might impose on the number of sessions that a client may have or the modes of therapy we may use.  This puts clients into a box, and doesn't allow for a personalized care plan between therapist and client.  With private pay, there are no restrictions on the number of sessions a client may attend in a year, and the modes of therapy used are completely aligned with each specific clients' goals and personality.

For more information on private pay, contact Revitalize via email or phone.

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